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Join me to kick menopause to the curb and embrace your fiercest, most fabulous self. It's time to unleash the sassy, confident, and healthy woman you deserve to be!

For Women 40+

Confidence that ROARS!

Because age is just a sparkle: you're now more than incredible – you're UNSTOPPABLE, and It's time the world saw it!


I'm all about balancing those tricky hormones, turning your body into a fine-tuned, feel-good machine.

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No more carb-cutting, fasting marathons, or endless hours at the gym. This is about smart, sustainable change.

The No-Nonsense Weight Loss Revolution for Women Over 40!

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Learn my secrets to blasting away fat, toning up like a boss, and boosting your confidence sky-high!

The is the Ultimate Makeover! Work directly with me using bespoke strategies and deep personal insights to ensure UNPARALLELED RESULTS!

Fit, Fearless + Fabulous: The Ultimate Transformation Courses to Burn Fat and Boost Confidence Specifically created for women 40+
NEXT Level!
Elite Sculpted Physique

Join forces with me to refine your muscles, perfect your poses, and own the stage. With bespoke training and expert advice every step of the way, you're destined to dazzle.

Together, we will harness the power of precision nutrition and cutting-edge fitness techniques to ensure that every aspect of your physique is competition-ready and visually stunning.

6 Week Challenge

Reboot your body, boost your mood, and feel UNSTOPPABLE!

Designed specifically for the unique challenges of menopause, my makeover provides the tools and support you need to thrive. Embrace a new beginning where you feel revitalised and empowered every single day!

28 Day

Lose 5kg in just
6 weeks!

Are you finally ready to kick those pesky 5kg to the curb and become the absolute sensation everyone can't stop talking about?

Especially now that you're rocking those fabulous 40s or 50’s - it's time to bring your A-game!

With me, Wendy, as your sassy and savvy coach, we're not just on a weight loss mission; oh no, we're crafting a brand new, show-stopping you.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you! Prepare to be the talk of the town.

Whether it's going out with friends, dazzling everyone at functions, or just sashaying through your day with an unstoppable vibe, you're about to become a walking, talking testament to what happens when fierce determination meets expert guidance.

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What’s Inside?

  • Workout Programs: Explore a variety of my workout programs, each designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently.

  • Workout Library: Choose from a 'Netflix' style list, all crafted by me, to fit your unique needs and catapult you towards your dream body.

  • Mouthwatering Recipes: Enjoy delicious, easy recipes that don't just satisfy your taste buds but also fuel your fitness journey.

  • A Community of Warriors: Surround yourself with a group of empowering women, all on the same path to greatness.

  • Exclusive Client Benefits: Unlock a suite of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your journey. Gain access to extra programs, bonus recipes, and private events that are reserved just for you.

And that's just the beginning! Unlock your confidence, balance your hormones, and wave goodbye to fads with sustainable, impactful lifestyle changes!

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I've mastered 5 SIMPLE, YET REVOLUTIONARY TIPS that are transforming weight loss journeys.

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