Working with Wendy has been an incredible journey! Under her guidance, I've achieved a goal that I never thought possible. I'm feeling better than ever—both physically and mentally. So grateful for her help! - Livi

When Livi first came to me, the idea of competing in a bodybuilding competition seemed like a far-off dream to her. But under my guidance, she didn't just meet her initial goals—she exceeded them.

Throughout her training, I focused not only on creating customised workout plan but also on a holistic approach that enhanced both her physical and mental well-being. This personalised attention and strategic planning were key in helping Livi build strength, confidence, and resilience—qualities that were crucial as she prepared for her first competition.

As the day drew near, Livi was more prepared than she ever thought possible. Her dedication and hard work, combined with my ongoing support and motivation, really paid off. Standing on stage for the first time, Livi didn't just show off her physical achievements; she also celebrated her incredible journey of personal growth and empowerment.

Livi’s not just feeling better than ever; she has also set new personal standards for what she can achieve with the right support. This experience has been transformative, showcasing the power of pursuing one's dreams with the right guidance.

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