Reboot your body, boost your mood, and feel UNSTOPPABLE!

28 Day

Menopause Makeover

Time for a real talk! Sick of that stubborn extra weight that just won't leave?

Had it with the scale that never seems to shift?

  • Constantly feeling bloated and uncomfortable?

  • Tired of clothes that just don’t fit the way they used to?

  • Desperate for a full night's sleep?

  • Starting to think that the fit, happy you is just a dream?

  • Does it sting a little when the person in the mirror doesn’t look like the vibrant you on the inside?

I get it, the quick fixes are tempting, but they never work out in the long run, right?

But come on, are you ready to break free from this cycle of frustration and tiredness?

It’s like being on a never-ending rollercoaster of blah! GOOD NEWS: There is a way off this ride!

Time to ditch those diets that backfire and bring you down and stop the endless, boring cardio!

Through my own journey and witnessing others, I can honestly say - it doesn’t have to be so hard.

person standing on white digital bathroom scale
person standing on white digital bathroom scale

PICTURE THIS: waving goodbye to those nagging kilos, stepping out in your skin with confidence, and truly, madly, deeply loving the woman staring back at you each day.

Let’s rewrite your story to find your smile again!

It's your chance to cut through the BS that's out there and find a plan that truly fits into your busy life – making you feel strong and in the driver's seat.

What the 28 Day Menopause Makeover Includes:

Access to My Exclusive App and Community:

My app provides easy tracking of your progress and access to me and my community support to keep you motivated. You'll be able to connect with peers who are on the same journey as you.

Balanced, Nourishing Eating Plans:

Designed to boost metabolism and help you lose weight fast without experiencing the common hunger pangs, low energy, and cravings often associated with dieting. My plans are simple, easy to follow and delicious. Suitable for vegans, vegetarian and gluten free dietary needs.

Workout Program:

Tailored specifically for women over 40, these workouts aim to boost metabolism and burn fat, all at a pace that suits your current fitness level. Includes my Unwind + Untangle 20 min follow along Yoga sessions.

person holding white liquid filled cup above two pairs of dumbbells
person holding white liquid filled cup above two pairs of dumbbells


Say hello to effortless weight loss and unbreakable confidence with my Transformation App. Get ready to ditch the diets and mundane workouts for something that truly speaks to your spirit and strength.

What’s Inside?

  • Elite Mentorship with Wendy: Your personal guide, cheerleader, and coach, all rolled into one.

  • Custom-Tailored Workouts: Crafted to fit your unique needs and catapult you towards your dream body.

  • Mouthwatering Eating Plans: Enjoy delicious, easy recipes that don't just satisfy your taste buds but also fuel your fitness journey.

  • A Community of Warriors: Surround yourself with a group of empowering women, all on the same path to greatness.

And that's just the beginning! Unlock your confidence, balance your hormones, and wave goodbye to fads with sustainable, impactful lifestyle changes.

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