Who The Heck is Wendy Broekx!

Wendy is more than just a Health and Wellness Coach; she is a catalyst for transformation.

Wendy combines her deep passion for health and fitness with a comprehensive approach to wellness, guiding individuals towards loving their bodies and leading the lives they desire.

Her credentials are impressive and diverse. Wendy is a seasoned Pro Bodybuilding Figure Athlete, an accomplished businesswoman, an entrepreneur, and a personal trainer.

Additionally, she is a dedicated "Mumager" to Ella and Abbi (her adorable fur babies) a talented photographer, and an avid animal lover. With over three decades of experience in the health, fitness, and wellness industries, Wendy possesses the expertise and the passion to dramatically transform both your life and your physique, teaching you the secrets to both health and happiness.

From an early age, Wendy was captivated by the world of sport, fitness, and nutrition. She excelled in premier league hockey, represented her state, and enjoyed tennis, athletics, swimming, softball, triathlons, and horse riding. In the late 1980s, she became a fully qualified Fitness Trainer.

Her career has been adorned with remarkable experiences, such as traveling to World Nutrition and Fitness Conferences in the USA, competing in fitness and bodybuilding competitions, and personally training notable celebrities including Claudia Schiffer.

As a Pro Figure Athlete with Ms. Fitness Australia, Wendy has won numerous awards, securing her reputation as a top contender in the fitness world. Her titles include:

  • Pro Figure Athlete with Ms. Fitness Australia (2023)

  • ICN (I Compete Natural) South Australia Champion (2018 & 2022)

  • ANB (Australasian Natural Bodybuilding) South Australia Champion (2018 x 2, 2019, & 2022)

  • ENP (Elite Natural Physique) South Australia Champion (2022)

If you're considering taking your fitness to the next level and stepping onto the stage, Wendy is the coach who can prepare you for that journey.

Reach out to her through her contact page to discuss how you can turn your aspirations into reality

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