"With our son’s wedding approaching in mid Jan’24, and not having any success with menopause weight loss on my own, I reached out to Wendy in late Nov’23 for help as I have been following her posts on face book for several years now.

After speaking with Wendy and setting a goal to lose 5kg by mid Jan’24 (1kg/week) Wendy devised a meal plan for me to follow and encouraged a few changes to my activity level – not lonely walk the dog, but weighted workouts daily, stretches and yoga.

Wendy was terrific with encouragement and advise when I needed it and was getting impatient with weight not coming off as quickly as I thought it should for the effort and willpower, I was putting in.

Started diet at 72.5kg. This morning 19/1/24 weighed 68kg. Feeling so happy with myself and the results I have achieved that I’m determined to keep up the healthy eating and to remember the tips and advice from Wendy. My clothes fit more comfortably and I’ve slimming in my waist and thighs mainly. More tone & definition in my arms from the weighted workouts. Being educated about protein and calories and portion sizes helped. I’d certainly recommend Wendy to anyone.”

Thanks again. Couldn’t and wouldn’t have achieved these results without you and your encouragement.

Lots of love and gratitude.


Ever wonder how some women seem to effortlessly maintain their weight and energy? Let's unlock their secrets and make them yours!

Today, I’m thrilled to share a story that not only warms my heart but also embodies the transformative power of having the right plan and strategies in place!

It’s the story of Merridee, a truly remarkable woman who, with the aim to dazzle at her son's wedding and make him proud, took on the challenge of tackling stubborn excess weight caused by hormones (sound familiar, ladies?), and transformed her journey into a radiant success story of vitality and confidence.

Merridee’s adventure began in the familiar territory of battling the scales and diminishing self-esteem, a journey many of us can relate to.

With her son's wedding approaching and the determination to fit into her stunning dress, Merridee reached out to me for help in achieving her goal, fueled by a mix of excitement, anticipation, and perhaps a hint of apprehension.

After establishing a target to lose 5kg in 6 weeks, I crafted a personalised meal plan for Merridee and urged her to tweak her exercise regime slightly.

Integrating some strength workouts into her daily dog walks and other existing activities that she enjoys was a game-changer.

And Merridee found my support and encouragement invaluable, especially during moments of impatience when the weight didn't seem to budge as quickly as she had hoped.

But with determination and perseverance, she pressed on.

Six weeks later, Merridee proudly stepped onto the scale to witness a triumphant 4.5kg drop staring back at her.

She proudly told me her clothes fit more comfortably, her waist and thighs slimmed down, and her arms boasted a newfound tone and definition from the weighted workouts.

Merridee's renewed confidence radiated from within as she absolutely looked stunning on the big day in her dress, and her son beamed with pride.

The pictures from the wedding clearly showcased Merridee's amazing transformation.

Having a deeper understanding of nutrition, portion sizes, and doing the correct exercise, Merridee now feels empowered to effortlessly maintain her weight, reveling in boundless energy and feeling phenomenal.

Her kickass confidence is the cherry on top, inspiring women far and wide to stop overthinking and start taking action.

It's stories like Merridee's that remind me why I absolutely love what I do.

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